Friday, December 02, 2016

Sean Kelly

BITS 2016: Wrap-Up

This year was a major turning point for the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, as it celebrated its fifth anniversary and moved to its new location at the Cineplex Yonge and Dundas. While there with a few hiccups this year, such as the cancellation of a live TV special and one of the screenings being plagued by sound problems, this was still a very successful year for the festival.

Here are my favourite films of the festival, along with the official award winners.

Top Five Feature Films
  1. 3 Dead Trick or Treaters
  2. Capture Kill Release
  3. The Unseen
  4. Kidnap Capital
  5. The Sublet
Top Three Short Films (Short Showcase)
  1. What Do You See?
  2. The Jogger
  3. Mrs. Rafferty's Red Red Roses
Top Three Short Films (Pre-Feature)
  1. Taking Possession
  2. Ingrid and the Black Hole
  3. Stillborn
The Bloodies Award Winners
Best Poster
24x36: A Movie Poster about Movie Posters
Paul Ainsworth, Joshua Budich, Sara Deck, Gary Pullin, Matt Tobin

Best Music Score
Stephen Schooley – 3 Dead Trick or Treaters

Best Acting Ensemble
Kidnap Captial

Best Screenplay
Felipe Rodriguez – Kidnap Capital

Best Cinematography
Greg Biskup – The Sublet

Best Editing
Kevin Burke - 24x36

Best Special FX
Carolyn Williams – Madre De Dios

Best Director
Kevin Burke- 24x36

Rising Star Award
Jennifer Fraser - Capture Kill Release

Best Actress
Tianna Nori – The Sublet

Best Short
Cauchemar capitionne

Jean-Claude Leblanc – Director
Christian Racine, Jean-Claude Leblanc & Jason Ross Jallet

Best Actor
Aden Young - The Unseen

Best Feature
The Unseen
Geoff Redknap - Director
Katie Weekley - Producer

Vanguard Award in honour of being the first filmmakers to play five times at BITS Post-Lifers Productions
Director - Greg Kovacs
Producers - Stephanie Christiaens, Nathan Hawkins, Darren Hutchings & Brad McMillan

Sean Kelly

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