Friday, November 25, 2016

Sean Kelly

BITS 2016: Holy Hell

A priest is pushed to the edge and takes bloody revenge on sinners in Holy Hell. Father Augustus Bane (Ryan LaPlante) is a Catholic priest, who makes a routine visit one day to help a couple of parishiners deal with their delinquent daughter Amy (Alysa King). However, suddenly there's an attack by the psychotic family of Dokes MacFarlane (Michael Rawley) and his kids Sissy (Shane Patrick McClurg), Trisha (Rachel Ann Little), and Buddy (Reece Presley). Father Bane and, now crippled, Amy are the sole survivors of this attack, with Bane deciding to end his pacifist ways and smite evildoers in the name of The Lord.

Holy Hell is a revenge exploitation film, which heavy takes its cues from Troma films and neo-grindhouse flicks like Hobo with a Shotgun. The story focuses on Father Augustus Bane, played by the film's writer/director Ryan LaPlante, whose aversion to killing prevents him from stopping a massacre. This causes something to snap in Bane's head and he acquires a golden gun that he dubs "The Lord" and proceeds to take bloody revenge against all sinners.

Holy Hell is a film that is most definitely going to offend people. From its overall mockery of religion to the transexual villain Sissy, there is plenty of content in this film that is designed to push buttons, with me arguing that the film perhaps goes a little too far at times. Holy Hell is a film about cheesy one-liners, crude content and over-the-top gore and frankly not much else. This is a film that will find its audience, but it's not really one that I can fully recommend.

5 / 10 stars


Sean Kelly

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