Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sean Kelly

Hot Docs 2016: Spaceship Earth

Metaphor is used to break down humanity's impact on the planet in Spaceship Earth. There is a quote by Marshall McLuhan stating that there are no passengers on the metaphorical Spaceship Earth, only crew. The many parts of this concept of Earth as a spaceship are broken down to describe the effect humanity has one the planet.

Spaceship Earth is an environmental film that uses the concept of the Earth as a ship traveling through space as a metaphor to talk about the various ways humanity is impacting the planet. The film is divided into multiple chapters focusing on the different parts of Spaceship Earth, such as the fuel, navigators, engines, passengers, and finally the crew. The primary reasoning for this metaphor is to give the message that we all have to do our part to ensure the planet's survival.

When it comes to films about humanity's impact on the planet, Spaceship Earth looks at it in a somewhat unique fashion. By breaking down environmental concerns into the different compartments of a metaphorical spaceship, the film helps to illustrate how much humanity must work together to ensure its survival. Altogether, Spaceship Earth is a quite interesting film.

8 / 10 stars

Sean Kelly

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