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TADFF15: Picks of the Fest

We are just one week away of tenth annual edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. I have hope you have been enjoying my posts revisiting films from the festival's history, which will continue right up until the start of the festival on October 15. Now, it is time for me to go through the Toronto After Dark and give some recommendations. Since I've already seen a number of the films earlier this year as part of Fantasia, I'm going to give my recommendations in two groups. The first group will be five films that I've already seen and the second will be films that I am looking forward to seeing. Here we go.

Films I Have Already Seen
Deathgasm - New Zealand (Closing Night Gala)
This New Zealand horror-comedy, which I describe as a "heavy metal Evil Dead" was the second film I saw at Fantasia and it ended up being my favourite film of the whole festival. Deathgasm is gory, funny, and just a whole lot of crowd pleasing fun. This is a can't miss film.

Nina Forever - UK
Nina Forever is a dark comedy featuring one of the most messed up love triangles seem on screen. The film is quite fun to watch and I look forward to seeing this one on the big screen with a crowd.

The Demolisher - Canada
The Demolisher is a gritty vigilante thriller, featuring some splendid visuals and an absolutely excellent score. While not a perfect film, it is a fine locally-produced effort.

Synchroncity - USA
Synchronicity would have felt right at home with the paid of time travelling science fiction films that played at last year's Toronto After Dark. Featuring a somewhat mind boggling time travel concepts, this is sure to be a film that will confuse viewers, but in a good way!

Tag - Japan
It has been a crazy year for Sion Sono films, with there being two playing Toronto After Dark this year. Tag is a crazy female-centric dark comedy featuring much gory violence and a very surreal plot. This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Films I'm Looking Forward to Seeing
The Hallow - Ireland
I was very disappointed that I arrived in Montreal a few days too late to see The Hallow at Fantasia. As such, I am very happy that the film is playing at Toronto After Dark, on opening night no less.

Night of the Living Deb - USA (Canadian Premiere)
While the Zom-Rom-Com might seem to be old news at this point, Night of the Living Deb looks to be a cute and fun take on this genre, which might eventually make a good double bill with the equally pun-named Shaun of the Dead.

The Diabolical - USA (Canadian Premiere)
I love myself a good haunted house film and this one starring Ali Larter looks to be a pretty decent one.

Backtrack - Australia (Canadian Premiere)
A supernatural thriller starring Adrien Brody and Sam Neill? Count me in!

Gridlocked - Canada (Canadian Premiere)
An 80s action throwback featuring a pretty star-studded cast, including former WWE star Trish Stratus, who will be in attendance at the film's screening.

That wraps up my picks for this year's edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival! The festival will be taking place from October 15-23 at the Scotiabank Theatre and tickets are now on sale (and selling fast)!

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