Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sean Kelly

TADFF15: The Diabolical

A woman and her children are tormented by an apparent haunting in The Diabolical. Madison (Ali Larter) is a single mother living with her two children Jacob (Max Rose) and Haley (Chloe Perrin). The three are tormented by various apparitions that regularly appear in the house without warning. With the help of Madison's boyfriend Nikolai (Arjun Gupta), an attempt is made to find out what these beings are and how they can be stopped.

From first-time director Alistair Legrand comes this genre-bending twist on haunted house films. For Madison and her children, this apparent haunting has been happening for quite some time, however Madison finds herself unable to move from her house, due to her mounting debts. The apparitions that appear in the house range from extremely bloody beings to a man who appears like a prisoner of some sort.

At the very least, it can be said that The Diabolical is a pretty well produced and visually stylish film. While there are some pretty good practical make-up effects for the very gruesome looking apparitions, there are some visual effects in the film that look quite artificial at times. That all said, the plot of The Diabolical goes to some very interesting places, which is not at all what I was expecting. While not a perfect film, The Diabolical is a well-shot and genre-bending twist on the haunted house genre.

7 / 10 stars

Sean Kelly

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