Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sean Kelly

TIFF 2015: Mr. Right

A young woman falls for a hitman in Mr. Right. Martha (Anna Kendrick) is a woman coping with her latest break-up, when she meets a kind man named Francis (Sam Rockwell). Despite the fact that he somewhat creepily asks her out seconds after meeting, they immediately hit it off and they seem right for each other. However, it turns out that Francis is a semi-retired hitman, who is currently on the run from his old partner Hopper (Tim Roth).

Mr. Right is an action/romantic comedy directed by Paco Cabezas, based on a script by Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra). The film focus' on Francis, the Mr. Right of the title, who is a highly skilled hitman, with superior reflexes, which helps to make him an effective killer. Having a strong moral compass, Francis now only kills the people who try to hire him, since "murder is wrong." He develops an instant connection with Martha, who he believes has similar skills, and it might turn out that she would be the perfect match as well.

Mr. Right is a very fun and enjoyable film, which I can best describe as what you would get if you took Sam Rockwell's character from Seven Psychopaths and threw him into a romantic comedy with Anna Kendrick. Despite the 17 year age difference between the two, Rockwell and Kendrick have great chemistry together and it's fun seeing Kendrick play someone who is a little more unhinged. Altogether, Mr. Right is an incredibly funny and highly enjoyable "hit man meets girl" comedy.

 ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 |  REALLY LIKED IT 

Sean Kelly

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