Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sean Kelly

Fantasia 2015: On the White Planet

The issue of race is explored in the dark animated film On the White Planet. On a planet completely devoid of colour, there is one teenage boy who has coloured skin. This glaring difference makes him a complete outcast, with the boy turning into a murderous fugitive. The boy is welcomed in by a group of outlaws, who have been following him. At first, it seems that this coloured boy has found a community, however it turns out that these individuals have ulterior notices.

The South Korean animated film On the White Planet isn't really all that subtle with its racial metaphors. The central coloured-in protagonist hates the fact that he is different than the rest of society and he repeatedly comments to himself that he will "turn white soon." For this boy, the only perceived way for him to live is to find a way off of this white planet and live among the stars.

On the White Planet has a very dark story filled with much bloody violence, which would be quite disturbing to watch if the film was in live action. Probably the most notable element about On the White Planet is its very distinct visual style, especially the mix of a black and white world with the coloured in protagonist. There is also a shot towards the end, where the film switches from animation to live action. However, the actual plot of On the White Planet doesn't really have the substance to meet the visuals, with the film ending up being a bit a downer.

 ★ ★ ★ |  WATCHABLE 

Sean Kelly

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