Monday, December 01, 2014

Sean Kelly

BITS 2014: Kingdom Come


A group of strangers, including Sam Becker (Ry Barrett), Jessica Martin (Camille Hollett-French), Daniel Levine (Jason Martorino), Rachel O'Hara (Katie Uhlmann), and Roger Jackson (Jo Jo Karume), all wake up in a deserted building with no recollection of how they got there.  As these individuals try to find a way out of this building, they find themselves tormented by supernatural forces, including a group of demonic creatures.  The crew will have to confront the sins of their past, if they ever hope to make it out of this building alive.

Kingdom Come is a supernatural thriller about this group of individuals, who are trying to escape this deserted building, while being pursued by malevolent supernatural forces.  It is slowly revealed over the course of the film that each of these individuals has a checkered past and that it is probably not an accident that they found themselves in this situation together.  It isn’t really too hard to figure out what this old deserted building is supposed to represent, especially after the revelation of the demonic creatures, which begin pursuing the crew.

While the abandoned building premise has already been used in countless independent horror films, likely for budgetary reasons, Kingdome Come still has a pretty decent production design.  The film is also a testament to the use of practical creature effects, through the pretty well designed demonic gatekeepers that pursue the crew.  The film also features the revelation of a scenery chewing antagonist, who is pretty fun to watch.   While Kingdom Come doesn’t do anything that is particularly new, it is still a pretty well done supernatural thriller.


Sean Kelly

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