Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sean Kelly

TIFF 2014: Teen Lust


A teenager’s life depends on getting laid in the comedy Teen Lust.  Neil (Jesse Carere) is the typical 18 year old high schooler, who has yet to lose his virginity.  The problem is, his family are members of a Satanic cult, who intend to make him a virgin sacrifice.  When Neil realizes what’s happening, he and his best friend Matt (Daryl Sabara) make a run for it.  With the members of the cult on his tail, Neil has until sunrise to find a girl willing to take his virginity.

While probably not the exact intentions of the filmmakers, Teen Lust is probably what you would get when you combine the quest to get laid from American Pie with the Satanic cult from Rosemary’s Baby.  While on the surface Teen Lust sounds like an interesting premise, in execution the film is a very juvenile teen comedy.  In fact, the Satanism aspect of the film just seems to be there as a springboard for a night of awkward hijinks, as Neil rushes to get laid before the cult, which apparently has members all over town, catches up with him.

Admittedly, I am probably out of the demographic that Teen Lust is aiming for, but it doesn’t stop the film from rubbing me the wrong way.  It probably didn’t really help things much that Neil had a haircut, which made him look a lot like Justin Bieber.  In fact, I probably ended up liking Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids) as Matt a bit more than Jesse Carere as Neil.  Also, the film has Cary Elwes and True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten in brief roles as the cult leaders, who were both fun to watch, particularly Elwes, who really hams it up.  However, they were not enough to save Teen Lust for me.



  • Friday, September 12, 3:00pm – Scotiabank Theatre 3

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