Monday, January 16, 2012

Sean Kelly

Movie Theatres of My Life

I've been going to cinemas for pretty much my entire life.  I can probably say that I've been to most cinemas in Toronto at least once and there's many that I still go to on a regular basis.

I thought that after all the posts I made about the Humber Cinema last year, I should go back and talk about the other cinemas I have fond memories of growing up.

While it would be too much to talk about EVERY cinema I've been to, I thought I would talk about the ones I have the fondest memories of and/or went to the most frequently.  Some of these cinemas are now closed, while others I still regularly go to. Enjoy.
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Sean Kelly

Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Boy was I off.  The Golden Globes last night were not an enjoyable watching experience, as I only correctly predicted 4 of the 14 movie awards.  Some were slight miscalculations, with my alternate picks ending up willing, while others seemed complete out of left field.

The biggest surprise of the night for me was that the award for Best Picture - Drama went to The Descendants, with George Clooney also picking up the award for Best Actor - Drama.  I'm not sure if this will repeat come Oscar time, but both are now definite frontrunners.

Not so surprising was The Artist's win for Best Picture - Comedy/Musical.  It also won for Best Actor - Comedy/Musical and Best Score.  I think that The Artist is going to be the true film to beat during the Oscars.

The Oscar nominations are announced in just over a weeks time and it will definitely be an interesting race.
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