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Golden Globes "Predictions"

This year I decided to write "predictions" in quotes as a way of acknowledging the Golden Globes is a bit of a sham of an awards show.

At one time you can say that the Globes were a good way to see who will win at the Oscars.  However, in recent years, you have had Best Picture winners that were out of left field (i.e. 2007's winner Atonement) or completely based on popularity (i.e. 2010's win for Avatar).

I'm going to make predictions because I like the game of it all, but I am sure that I am going to be shocked by at least one of the "winners" tonight.

Canada's Top Ten: My Thoughts on Take This Waltz

For my final film of Canada's Top Ten, I saw this quirky romantic comedy directed by Sarah Polley.  One thing that stands out for this film right away is that even though it's a Canadian film that takes place in Toronto, it features a very well-known cast of both Canadian and American actors, including Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby, and Sarah Silverman.

The film centres around a 20-something married woman named Margot (Williams), who lives a happy, yet mundane, life with her husband Lou (Rogen).  On a trip to Nova Scotia, she meets the suave Daniel (Kirby), who happens to be her neighbour.  Margot begins to believe that Daniel fills a void that is missing in her life with Lou and so begins a love triangle of sorts and Margot and Daniel develop feelings for each other, with Lou being oblivious to his wife's infidelity.