Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sean Kelly

*Sigh* The West End Cinema Feud Doesn’t Seem to End

Back in July when Rui Pereira was locked out of the Humber Cinema, which he worked hard to renovate and reopen, I really felt sympathy for the guy and I was prepared to boycott the Humber.  However, these days, Pereira has lost all my sympathy. 
Last month, I changed my mind and returned to the Humber and I was happy with what I saw and I believe that the theatre is in good hands.  However, this doesn’t stop Pereira from semi-regularly posting messages on Facebook and Twitter reminding everyone that the Humber was “hijacked” from him, is now a shell of itself with “lackluster 2k digital presentation and no management” and that you would be better off going to the Queensway or Varsity cinemas for your movie-going needs.  I do have to say that Pereira must really hate, Humber landlord, Claude Bitton if he is willing to refer people to other theatres, which are technically competition for his own Kingsway Theatre.
We might never know the full story about why Pereira was evicted from the Humber, but his constant attacks of the theatre and Bitton are becoming tiring.  Since I haven’t even been to the Kingsway since Pereira reopened it, I have no issues with removing all my support of Rui Pereira and the theatre.  I have now come to the conclusion that he is a pompous jerk, who has taken his eviction from the Humber way too personally and he refuses to move on and let the Humber live on without him.  It’s people like him that give independent cinema managers a bad name. 
I have now firmly chosen a side and this will be my final post on the matter.

Sean Kelly

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