Toronto After Dark 2012 - My Thoughts on Resolution

ResolutionMichael receives footage of his friend Chris going on a drug-fuelled bender at cabin in the woods.  He travels up to the cabin and handcuffs Chris to a pipe as part of a desperate week-long detox plan.  Weird stuff starts to happen.

Resolution is a hard film for me to describe.  In fact, the very plot of the film is almost an all-out spoiler.  Let’s just say that Michael finds a number of photos and video recordings within the vicinity of the cottage and they seem to be trying to manipulate him and Chris to do…something.

This is a film that you probably need to watch more than once to properly process.  At times the film is a comedy, other times it’s horror, and there’s even some dramatic moments.  Even though Resolution was a film that I don’t fully understand, I can also say that I liked the film and I give it my recommendation.

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