Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sean Kelly

360 Screenings Finds Footing with Second Event

Tonight I went to the second 360 Screenings event.  I was a little reluctant to give them another go, since I was quite underwhelmed at their first event in May.  However, because of the fact that my underwhelming feeling might have been caused by their film selection of Ghost, I thought that I would give the benefit of the doubt and check out this second event.

A huge positive for this second event came beforehand through the hints dropped through e-mail and twitter.  I actually started getting a pretty good idea what the film might be about two weeks ago and it helped to increase my excitement.

The film chosen for this second edition of 360 Screenings was David Fincher's Fight Club, which was, in my opinion, a huge improvement from the previous film.  The event was held in the Fermenting Cellar of the Distillery District, which was a great environment that mimicked the basements where the fights in the film took place.

In fact, there were actors at the event, who were engaging is some actual fights.  In fact, I thought that the wandering actors in general did a much better job this time around (there was even a full support group circle).  In addition to the actors and the many prop-based clues scattered around the room, there were other ways to get put into the world of the film, such as make-up artists that put scars on attendees and there was even the opportunity to play around with some foley.

Overall, I liked this second 360 Screenings event better than the first.  I now have a pretty good idea what this event is all about and I am sure that it will improve as time goes on.  It seems like the plan is for 360 Screening's next event to be some sort of horror film in October.  This would definitely be one I'd be interested in checking out, though I have to wait and see and make sure it doesn't conflict with any of the other film events planned for that month.

Here is a slideshow of instagram photos I took during the event:

Sean Kelly

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