Friday, June 15, 2012

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on Windfall

I first became familiar with wind turbines about a decade ago when a turbine was installed within Exhibition Place in Toronto.  Also, on the route to my family's cottage, I often pass a big wind farm in Shelburne, Ontario, which has hundreds of these generators.

Being a city-dweller, I often don't think twice about wind turbines.  However, for those who live in the rural areas where they are installed, they are a nightmare.

Windfall is all about the fight against installing wind turbines in the small town of Meredith, New York.  Through the testimony of these town folk, the film makes the argument that the turbines aren't what they are cracked up to be.

Wind turbines are often installed closer to residential setting than they should be.  As a result, residents are disturbed by the loud noise and large shadows generated by the turbines.  Some even argue that they affect their health.

The film also argues that despite the claim of being "green energy," wind turbines only end up contributing a small percentage of power to the grid and you still need power plants to generate the bulk of electricity.  There's also the typical capitalist argument that the companies are in it more for the money than the environment.

It's definitely an interesting documentary that makes you think that perhaps wind power isn't exactly the alternative power source we are looking for.

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