Sunday Afternoon Netflix Documentary - The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

It's been about seven months since I last did one of these, but at long last the Sunder Afternoon Netflix Documentary returns (though technically it was probably Sunday evening).  Today, I decided to watch Morgan Spurlock's look into the world of product placement, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is definitely an interesting documentary.  Not only does it scrutinize product placements,  but the entire film itself is funded entirely by sponsors.

The film is a meta-documentary in some ways, since all the aspects of making the film, from pitching it to potential sponsors all the way to promoting the film, was filmed and edited into the film.  There is even a Jimmy Kimmel talk show appearance, which was apparently filmed days before the film's release.

Overall, it was definitely an interesting look at the world of product placement and how their use can have both pros and cons.

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