Friday, February 03, 2012

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on Kevin Smith: Live from Behind

Last night Kevin Smith (along with Jason Mewes) returned to Toronto for a live podcast/Q&A at the Scotiabank Theatre.  The event was streamed to movie theatres across North America and that is how I watched it (at the Queensway Cinemas).  To be completely honest, I think the stream was probably better than seeing it live, since for the whole show I was treated to a full-screen HD image of Smith, which is definitely a better view than if I was there in person.

One thing I quite enjoyed before the event was that, instead of the usual Cineplex pre-show, there was a sort of "greatest hits" clip reel for Smith, which showed trailers, movie clips, past Q&As, and, my personal favourite, old Nike commercials starring Jason Mewes.

The event consisted of Smith and Mewes recording their podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, which was followed by a Q&A session.  There was a quite hilarious moment during the podcast recording, in which the microphones went out and both Smith and Mewes were wondering what's wrong (Smith could be heard asking "Is Toronto under attack?").  In fact, the podcast recording itself was quite hilarious (and raunchy) and was probably my overall favourite part of the event.

At around the halfway point of the three hour event, the event switched to a Q&A format, which went back and forth between live questions and questions posted to Twitter (there was also a single YouTube question at the very beginning).  One thing I have to say about this Q&A:  Even though I consider myself part of it, Kevin's Smith fanbase sure has some weirdos in it and this Q&A seemed to have attracted some of the most odd Kevin Smith fans I have ever seen.

Here are some highlights from the Q&A, which, because of time constraints, was a more standard Q&A for Smith (i.e. no super-long answers):

  • About five or so of the people brought Smith a gift.  These included everything from a Jay and Silent Bob "Canadian" flag (Smith seemed oblivious to the fact that the flag had a marijuana leaf on it), Jay and Silent Bob drinking glasses, a "save the date" for a Wedding (where Smith was also asked to be the MC), a book about Stoners (dedicated to Smith), and a box of Timbits (one guy also tried to give Smith half of his winnings of a $10 bet, but Smith politely refused).
  • Probably the best guy to ask a question during the Q&A was this nerdy Asian guy, who talked about his dream Batman villains (I should note the Smith came right up next to the person to help calm his nervousness).  The most hilarious of these villain ideas was "Stephen Hawking in a Robot Suit."
  • Another memorable question was from this black guy in an afro, who wanted Smith to come to karaoke with his after the show and sing "Hanky Panky" by Madonna (to which he sung a few lines right then and there).  I should note that, in his answer, Jason Mewes suggested the (awful) karaoke booth that's in the lobby of the Scotiabank theatre.
  • Some of the more interesting stuff to come out of the Q&A included a description of the very awesome (and expensive) sounding alternate ending to Red State, Smith's desire to premiere his next (and final) film Hit Somebody with a tour of Canadian hockey arenas and announcement that a Jay and Silent Bob animated film is currently in production and Smith has the hopes that it would premiere as part of Midnight Madness at this year's TIFF.
The show ended with a very hilarious audience-participation bit some girl and Jason Mewes simulated sex in the style of Kevin Smith's tortoises Snipper and Snapper (based on a story Smith told during the podcast).  It was definitely a sight to remember.

Well that's the event.  When I got home, I saw e-mail in my inbox from Fan Expo Canada announcing that Smith and Mewes will be back in Toronto to record a podcast during the convention, which I might consider getting a ticket for (even though I already pay a bundle for Fan Expo).

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