Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on Goon

In its most simple description, Goon is hockey film for people who don't really like hockey films.  It could also be described as a film for people who prefer the violent nature of hockey, as opposed to the sport itself.

The film stars Seann William Scott as a completely dumb, yet kindhearted, brute of a guy named Doug Glatt, who finds his calling as the enforcer for a Halifax farm league team.  His job is less about playing the game and more about beating the opposing players senseless.

In some ways, Goon is almost like a boxing film with Doug working up towards the big fight against his main rival (and idol) Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber).  The hockey fights in the film are extremely brutal and might be hard to watch for some.

Of course, at it's heart, Goon is the comedy, which is at its best when Jay Baruchel is on screen as Doug's best friend Ryan.  Alison Pill play's Doug's love interest Eva and Quebecois actor Marc-André Grondin rounds out the cast as Doug's, hard to get along with, teammate Xavier Laflamme.

Overall, I'd say that Goon  is a crude, violent, and funny film that both fans and haters of hockey should enjoy.


Sean Kelly

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