Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sean Kelly

Thoughts on the Six-Minute Dark Knight Rises IMAX Preview

As many people know, a special six-minute IMAX preview of The Dark Knight Rises was shown before Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  Like a similar preview for The Dark Knight (which was shown before I Am Legend), this scene was (presumably) the opening of the film, which introduces the film's lead villain Bane.

I won't go too much in the exact details of the scene, since it's really something that must be seen to be believed.  I will say that it was a very impressive action set piece (in full IMAX glory) that will kick the film off with a bang.

A big criticism of the scene, which I somewhat agree with, is that it is quite hard to understand what exactly Bane is saying.  Not only is there some sort of distortion caused by his mask, but there is also a very thick accent.  I think I managed to decipher the important parts of what he said and still understood (somewhat) what was going on in the scene.  There is still seven months left until the release of the film, so I am sure that there is still plenty of time to fix the audio in post-production and hopefully when the film is released in July, the scene will play much clearer.

That said, I still thought that it was an awesome scene and I can't wait to see the film next summer.

Sean Kelly

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