Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sean Kelly

TIFF11: Thoughts on the Latest Batch

Only a few weeks remain before the film festival and today saw the announcement of the remaining Galas and Special Presentations, as well as films in the Contemporary World Cinema and Visions programs.

Here are the standouts from today's announcement.

Page Eight - David Hare, United Kingdom (Gala Presentations)
This film, which will be the closing gala of the festival, stars Bill Nighy as an MI5 agent.  Sound like an interesting film, with a great supporting cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Michael Gambon, and Ralph Fiennes.

Trespass - Joel Schumacher, USA (Gala Presentations)
Joel Schumacher has always had a bit of a hit or miss career, however this thriller staring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman looks like it could be quite good.

Sleeping Beauty - Julia Leigh, Australia (Special Presentations)
The classic fable is re-worked into an art film about a prostitute.  Interesting.

Death of a Superhero - Ian FitzGibbon, Germany/Ireland (Contemporary World Cinema)
I would probably see this film based on the title alone.  However, the plot does sound interesting.

Juan of the Dead - Alejandro Brugués, Spain/Cuba (Contemporary World Cinema)
The second zombie-comedy film in a decade to play on Dawn of the Dead's title (the other, of course, being Shaun of the Dead).  I saw the trailer for this film a few weeks ago and I will definitely try to see it during the festival.

Sean Kelly

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