Friday, August 19, 2011

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a horror/comedy that initially debuted at 2010 Sundance Film Festival.  Tonight I saw the film during a screening at the Toronto Underground Cinema (though it's also supposed to get a limited release next month).

The film can be best described as a reverse horror movie, since most of the events in the film come from a series of misunderstandings.  It's quite funny watching pair of dimwitted, yet kind-hearted, hillbillies deal with a group of preppy college kids, who just happen to keep dying in various gruesome (yet accidental) ways.

The film takes on the form of the a more standard horror film towards the end, though the roles are still reversed.  It just makes it all the more funny that the true evil in the film is a guy in a polo shirt.

It was definitely an enjoyable film.


Sean Kelly

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