Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on Sanctum

The movie marketing machine has been heavily using executive producer James Cameron's name in the promotion of the film (to the point that I'm sure that there are some people who think he directed the film).  I would guess that Cameron's greatest contribution to the film was the use of his patented 3D system, which makes for a much better experience than most of the so-called 3D films that come out.

The film is a fairly typical adventure film about a team that is stranded in an underground cave system after the way out is flooded by a hurricane, which results in the team trying to find another way out.  The 3D really works in establishing the depth in the caves, rather it's looking down a large cavern or squeezing through a small crevice.

If it wasn't for James Cameron's involvement, the film would be just a standard adventure film that might now have been noticed otherwise.  However, I enjoyed it.


Sean Kelly

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