Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sean Kelly

My Thoughts on the Tim Burton Exhibition at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Today was an exciting day for me as I visited the Tim Burton Exhibition at the Bell Lightbox.

The exhibition is split into two rooms: One that focuses on Burton's films and another which features his non film related art.

The film portion of the exhibit covers every film that Burton has been involved. This includes Burton's concept art, as well as at least one prop and/or costume. These included Edward outfit, heads from Sleepy Hollow, and Sweeney Todd's razors. There a section on Burton's animated shorts Stain Boy.

As for the art, there are pieces on display that date all the way back to Burton's college. The pieces were all quite interesting and really show off Burton's unique macabre style.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the exhibit and would highly recommend it to Burton and art fans alike!

Sean Kelly

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