Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sean Kelly

DVD Thoughts: Trick 'r Treat

This DVD review will be quite short, since Trick 'r Treat follows the growing trend of the bulk of the special features being placed on the Blu-Ray release.

As such, with this standard DVD release I get to miss out on all the traditional DVD features, such as a Behind the Scenes featurette, and Deleted Scenes - both of which are available on the Blu-Ray release, along with two other features not included on the standard DVD.

The feature that is included is the animated short Season's Greetings, which provided the basis for Trick 'r Treat by debuting the character of Sam.

Since I already previously watched the short on YouTube, I watched the version of the short with commentary by director Michael Dougherty.  It was very interesting listening to how he created the short, including how it was entirely hand-drawn and coloured with markers.

Overall, I can't say that I wasn't a little disapointed that there wasn't many special features on the DVD, which reminds me (along with the annoying ad, which is always at the start of DVDs these days) that it will inevitable that I will one day have to get a Blu-Ray player.

That said, Trick 'r Treat is still one of best horror films I've seen in years (which I enjoyed just as much on the second viewing) and I'm glad just to own it, special features or not.

Sean Kelly

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