Monday, August 17, 2009

Sean Kelly

The Avatar Day Rush

As some of you may know, Friday is the free 16 minute IMAX 3D preview of James Cameron's new film Avatar.

They started to give away of tickets for "Avatar Day" via the official website today at 3pm EST.

Curious to see if I could get tickets, I checked out the website just after 3 and I was greeted with a page that that was nearly entirely blank (i.e. there was no form where there was supposed to be one).

However, this blank page didn't last too long, since a few minutes later the entire site crashed, a state it continues to be in two hours later.

If this proves anything, it's that there is an enormous amount of buzz for the film and if 16 minute free preview can crash a website, I can only imagine what will happen when tickets go on sale for the film itself.

I can say for myself, I will definitely try to get those tickets as soon as possible. Though it is too bad that I will miss out on this free preview (which would have been quite neat).

Sean Kelly

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