Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sean Kelly

Classic Thoughts: Old School

With this weekend's release of The Hangover, I thought it would be worth it to take a look back at what is arguably director Todd Phillips most popular film.

The film is obviously a throwback to classic college-based comedies, such as Animal House. However, this time, the plot centers around three thirty-somethings trying to relive their college glory by opening a fraternity.

Each of the three characters seem tailor-made for the actors playing them. You have Luke Wilson as the average Joe and reluctant leader of the group, Vince Vaughn as the fast-talking brains of the outfit, and Will Ferrel as the crazed party animal.

The film was also thought my Phillips to be a comedy version of Fight Club and it can be very fun to point out the similarities to the two film's while watching.

Overall Old School is quite a funny film and hopefully The Hangover will be able to follow in its footsteps.


Sean Kelly

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