Monday, December 01, 2008

Sean Kelly

An Updated Commentary on Blu-Ray and all things High-Def

With the holiday season approaching, I thought that I would give an updated view about my acceptance of Blu-Ray DVDs.

In my last commentary, I was highly critical about the belief going around that Blu-Ray will replace Standard Definition DVDs.

Before I get critical, I will agree with two things:

  1. Based on personal experience, HD is the best experience for 50 inch+ television.
  2. Blu-Ray currently has a fair market share with most new releases coming in both standard and Blu-Ray, as well as many older films being re-released each week.
However, I still have to be critical about Blu-Ray being anything other than a niche product for people with deep enough pockets to purchase a $2000 high definition TV.

Now, my family owns a HDTV and I can say that watching TV shows in HD is better than watching in standard. However, the resolution for standard TV (4x3) and high def (16x9) is big enough to notice the difference.

For DVDs on the otherhand, most are already formated in widescreen. While it may be true that not all DVDs are formated in 16x9 (and result in black bars), I found that watching a standard DVD on a HDTV still gives a decent picture (even better than standard def TV shows).

You may begin to comment that I haven't seen an movies in high definition. The truth is that I have watched a few movies in HD. I do say that I liked what I saw, but I can't say that it is enough to convince me that it is the only way to go.

Then there are people saying that ALL disc-based media will eventually be replaced with OnDemand download services, however I don't really want to get into that right this minute.

In the end, I am still happy with standard definition DVDs and I don't see myself rushing to get a Blu-Ray player anytime soon. If the time comes that I would be forced to do so, I will gladly buy one.

Sean Kelly

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