Friday, November 02, 2007

Sean Kelly

You never know who'll you'll see at the movies

So, I went to see American Gangster tonight (the thoughts on which I'll post in the morning).

I was through the hallway of the cinema and I saw someone, who looked like Forest Whitaker. I figured it probably wasn't him and I went into the theatre.

However, it turned out that it was him and that he was trying to find some free seats for the movie. Now, there was a person sitting beside me (and my cousin, who came with me), who had some connections in the industry (he printed posters and such). As such, me and my cousin were told to move over and free up a seat so the it could be arranged for Forest Whitaker and his wife to sit in them.

So, I ended up watching American Gangster with last year's winner for best actor sitting two seats to my left. It was neat.

Sean Kelly

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