Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sean Kelly

Website Spotlight: The Horror Film Compendium

In this new column, I will take a look at a film website that I find interesting.

Since it's October and it's the time that we see a lot of horror films leading up to Halloween, I will start with The Horror Film Compendium.

This is one of those sites that you will stumble upon by accident. I discovered this site when I looking for information on horror films at a time when my interest in the genre was just a guilty pleasure.

On this site two guys, the tyranist and Rish Outfield, post reviews for hundreds of horror films, which can be viewed either alphabetically, chronologically, by director, by writer, by threat, or by weapon. The reviews range from the classic horror films of the 30s and 40s to the slasher films of the 80s to obscure films that no one else has heard of. The unique feature of each of the reviews is the "skull count," in which every horror cliché used in the film, out of a list of over 60, is checked off with a skull (with some clichés being prominent enough to require more than one).

The site also features a section of special collections, which features various essays and lists by the webmasters.

So, if you're a horror fanatic looking for a good source for reviews or if you were like me and just curious in the horror genre, then The Horror Film Compendium is worth a look.

Sean Kelly

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