Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sean Kelly

TIFF07: My (nearly) Final Film List

Alright, after visiting the box office this morning I now have put together 90% of the films that I will be seeing this year at the festival. The only ticket I have left to buy is one for a second film on Saturday (using a voucher from my final volunteer shift on Friday).

With that said, here are the rundown of the films I will be seeing during the week.

Wednesday September 12

Title: Stuck
Programme: Midnight Madness
Director: Stuart Gordon
Cast: Stephen Rea, Mena Suvari, Russell Hornsby, Rukiya Bernard, John Dunsworth

Title: The Take
Programme: Special Presentations
Director: Brad Furman
Cast: John Leguizamo, Tyrese Gibson, Bobby Cannavale, Rosie Perez

Thursday September 13

Title: Paranoid Park
Programme: Vanguard
Director: Gus Van Sant
Cast: Gabe Nevins, Dan Liu, Jake Miller, Taylor Momsen, Lauren McKinney


Title: King of California
Programme: Contemporary World Cinema
Director: Mike Cahill
Cast: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood

Title: Death Defying Acts
Programme: Special Presentations
Director: Gillian Armstrong
Cast: Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Timothy Spall, Saoirse Ronan

Title: Smiley Face
Programme: Vanguard
Director: Gregg Araki
Cast: Anna Faris, Danny Masterson, Adam Brody, John Krasinski, John Cho

Friday September 14

Title: Married Life
Programme: Special Presentations
Director: Ira Sachs
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Rachel McAdams, David Richmond-Peck

Title: I'm Not There
Programme: Special Presentations
Director: Todd Haynes
Cast: Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Ben Whishaw, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julianne Moore, David Cross

Saturday September 15

Title: Nothing is Private
Programme: Special Presentations
Director: Alan Ball
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Toni Collette, Maria Bello, Peter Macdissi, Summer Bishil, Eugene Jones

Title: TBD
Programme: TBD
Director: TBD
Cast: TBD

As you can see, I am very to be VERY busy this week (especially on Thrusday).

Sean Kelly

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