Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sean Kelly

DVD Wars - Bareboned Vs Special Edition

The movie "Sin City" comes out on DVD today.

However, most hardcore movie fans will be quick to point out that the only Special Feature on the DVD is a Behind the Scenes featurette and that everyone should wait until around November when a big extended multi-disc Special Edition is expected to come out.

Sadly, the invent of the DVD (and it's Special Features) have spoiled movie fans. It is now expected for there to be something extra on the DVDs people purchase.

Personally, I only really watch the special features when I first get the DVD, rarely going back for a repeat viewing.

Now, of course, releasing more than one DVD release for a film is definitely signs that a movie studio wants to milk all the money it can out of a hit film. At the very least, like they did for the movies "Mystic River" and "Master and Commander," studios should release the, so-called, "Bareboned" and "Special Edition" DVDs at the same time, so the casual fans can get the movie and the hardcore fans can get the extras.

As for me, later today I plan on heading into the store to purchase my copy of "Sin City." I am pretty content with just the featurette and I don't really care that it's not the extended version of the movie or that that there isn't a whole separate disc of Special Features. Those are nice, but they are definitely not need for me to truly enjoy the film.
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