Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sean Kelly

Movies and the jerks who go to them

For me, going to the movies is a time to relax and watch a film on the big screen.

Apparently for others, it is the opportunity to act like a big fat jerk!

I saw Be Cool tonight. In the movie there is a scene there is a guy, who states the, pretty questionable, fact that the show American Idol has good singers.

Apparently some guy, a few rows in front of me, took offence to that and yelled a loud "F You" to the screen. Now, this wasn't the only F-word heard in the theatre (there was a single F-Word at the start of the film, in a sly reference to how PG-13 movies are allowed only one), but what is some punk teen (it was obviously someone younger than me who said it) planning to accomplish by swearing at a movie screen other than annoying a cinema full a paying customers. It's a movie, the guy on the screen is not going to hear your displeasure about his comments about a TV talent contest.

It's one thing to sit and watch a movie as these teens, with their large entourage of friends, talk throughout the film. However, it's another thing altogether when these teen start yelling AT the film.

Sheesh, I'm only 22 and I sound like grumpy old man typing this.

The thing is, when I go to a movie, I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world for 2 hours or so. When these teens, who probably don't care what movie they're watching, come in and make a ruckus, not only do they disrespect me, and every other person actually trying to watch the film, but they take away from that feeling of esacpe I want when I go to a film.

So please, be quiet when you go see a film (and turn off your cellphone too).

Sean Kelly

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