Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sean Kelly

Movie Reviews (and why I don't like them)

For my first topic in this Blog, I decided to get the topic of movie reviews off my chest.

I will NEVER post movie reviews in this Blog. The reason for this is that I believe that most movie reviews force one person's opinion as the only opinion.

There are like 6 billion people in this world. Sure a good chunk of them probably don't see movies. However, there is definitely a large number of people in this world who watch movies.

Of those people, only a very small percentage actually write reviews.

The site Rotten Tomatoes gives a "Fresh" or "Rotten" rating based on how many good (3 stars or more out of 5) reviews a movie gets. While this is good way to spread the opinions, the ratings are usually based on an average of only 200 reviews or less.

I figured, that for every movie released, there will always be at least one person who likes a movie and one person who hates a movie.

So, just because a movie got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn't necessarily mean you'll like it. Similarly, if a movie has 0% there is still a chance that you will like it.

What I am saying here is that you should see a movie because you want to see it, you shouldn't listen to movie reviews. If the movie you have been waiting for months to see gets slammed by critics, you should still see it. The critics only amount for a small percentage of the population and in the end it's all about you.

Sean Kelly

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