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My Thoughts on Terminator: Genisys

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to his most famous role in this reboot of the Terminator franchise.  At the conclusion of the war against Skynet and the machines, John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to project his mother Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke).  However, something changed in the timeline, which resulted in Sarah already being a capable fighter, who is accompanied by an aged Terminator (Schwarzenegger), who has been her guardian since childhood.  John and Sarah travel forward in time to 2017 to stop the launch of an operating system called Genisys, which is truly Skynet.  However, their plan is disrupted by none other than John Connor, who was captured by Skynet and turned into the T-3000 nanomachine hybrid.

Q&A: Alex Winter on Deep Web

The documentary Deep Web opens today at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.  The film is directed by Alex Winter, who also directed the 2013 documentary Downloaded and is probably known by most for his acting role of Bill S. Preston Esq. in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  Alex Winter took the time to answer a few questions about Deep Web.

Doc Thoughts: Deep Web

Crimes in the darkest corners of the internet are explored in Deep Web.  The deep web is a term used for all unindexed data online.  The deep web has become a hub for underground black markets, which sell everything from drugs to forged documents.  The biggest of these markets is The Silk Road, the alleged leader of which, 29 year old Ross Ulbricht, is arrested by the FBI and waiting trial.

2015 at the Half

We are now halfway through the year that is 2015.  A few years ago, it looked like this year was going to be a "moviepocalypse" of sorts, since the film line-up was so jam-packed that it was feared that the box office would just implode.  That hasn't really happened, partially since many of the films originally scheduled for this year have been moved to 2016 or later.

My Thoughts on Ted 2

The adventures of the talking teddy bear and his human best friend continues in Ted 2.  Things looks happy for Ted (Seth MacFarlane) as he marries his girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), even though it's a sad time for John (Mark Wahlberg), who has recently divorced.  When Ted and Tami-Lynn try to have a child, Ted's rights as a human being come into question.  To prevent Ted from being classified as just properly, he and John hire junior lawyer Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) to handle the case.  Meanwhile, psychotic loner Donny (Giovanni Ribisi) has a plan for revenge.

York U Flashback: Mon oncle Antoine and National Identity in Quebecois Cinema

Happy Canada Day!

Throughout the course of the next two months, the TIFF Bell Lightbox is hosting the free retrospective "Canadian Open Vault: The All-Time Top Ten," featuring the all time top Canadian films, as selected by TIFF's fourth national poll.  The first of these screenings will be this afternoon at 1pm, with a screening of Claude Jutra's 1971 drama Mon oncle Antoine, which is considered by many to be one of the top Canadian films of all time.

Blindspot 2015: 40 Years of TIFF: Roger & Me

In the 40 year history of the Toronto International Film Festival, there have been only two documentaries that ended up winning the Festival's People's Choice Award.  The first of these was the 1979 Academy Award nominated doc Best Boy.  The second was Michael Moore's 1989 debut Roger & Me, which was also at the time the most successful documentary in American history.  Last year, Michael Moore returned to the Festival in celebration of Roger & Me's 25th anniversary.

My Thoughts on Slow West

A young Scottish man recruits a gruff outlaw to help find his love in Slow West.  Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) has traveled from Scotland to America to locate Rose Ross (Caren Pistorius), the object of Jay's affections, who fled Scotland some time ago with her father John (Rory McCann).  While heading west, Jay comes across Silas Selleck (Michael Fassbender), who offers to be Jay's guide for a fee.  As it turns out, there is a bounty out for Rose and John, which attracts a lot of violent bounty hunters, including Silas' old acquaintance Payne (Ben Mendelsohn).

A few words on MTV's Scream

For those who are unaware, MTV has produced a TV series adaptation of Wes Craven's Scream, which is set to premiere in the US this Tuesday.  Arriving 19 years after the original 1996 self-aware slasher film, the TV series features a modern plot involving YouTube videos and self-aware dialogue referencing the adaptation of the films into a TV series.

My Thoughts on Inside Out

Pixar brings us inside the head of a pre-pubescent girl in Inside Out. The emotions of Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) control the personality of 11 year old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) from the master control inside of her head.  When Riley and her parents (Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan) move from Minnesota to San Francisco, Riley begins to experience mood swings, which gets worse when her core memories, along with Joy and Sadness, find themselves lost in the outer reaches of Riley's long term memory.  Joy and Sadness begin the journey to make it back to master control before all the core elements of Riley's personality are destroyed.

Doc Thoughts: Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles

The life and career of Orson Welles is profiled in Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles.  After an acclaimed early career in theatre and radio, including his infamous 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, Orson Welles hit the cinematic world by storm with his first feature Citizen Kane.  However, Welles would find his career slowed down by fights with studios, who would often re-edit Welles' films after completion.  Despite a period of near obscurity, Welles would arise to become an inspiration to independent filmmaking.

My Thoughts on When Marnie Was There

A shy and introverted girl makes a mysterious new friend in When Marnie Was There.  Anna Sasaki is a 12-year-old asthmatic girl, who is sent by her foster parents to live with friends for the summer.  Despite not being very good a socializing, Anna meets and befriends a mysterious blonde girl named Marnie, who lives in a mansion by the marsh.  As Anna and Marnie become closer, it is learned that the two might have closer ties than expected.

My Thoughts on Wyrmwood

In a post-apocalyptic Australia, a virus has turned nearly the entire population into bloodthirsty zombies.  Barry (Jay Gallagher) is one of a handful of survivors, which also includes Benny (Leon Burchill) and Frank (Keith Agius), who are immune to the virus and struggle for survival.  In the meanwhile, Barry’s sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey) has been kidnapped by a team of gasmask-wearing soldiers and is subjected to a number of experimentations by a mad scientist.  Barry, Benny, and Frank travel across the Australian landscape, in their zombie-fuelled truck, in the hopes of finding and rescuing  Brooke.

My Thoughts on Jurassic World

The park is finally open in Jurassic World.  Two decades after John Hammond's original vision, the dinosaur theme park on the Central American island of Isla Nublar is finally open and thriving.  However, the pressure in on the park's operations manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) to create new exciting attractions to keep up the interest of the park goers.  As such, Jurassic World is preparing to unveil its new genetically modified hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex.  However, when this vicious new dinosaur gets out of control, Claire and Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) have to stop the Indominus before it reaches the main park and its 20,000 visitors, including Claire's two nephews.

Doc Thoughts: The Wolfpack

A group of home-schooled brothers learn about the outside world through movies in The Wolfpack.  The Angulos are a family of six brothers (and one sister), who live together with their parents in a New York housing project.  Because of their father's distrust of society, the brothers never leave home and they entertain themselves by re-enacting the movies that they grew up on.  However, things begin to change when one of the brothers decides that it is time to leave.

My Thoughts on Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

An amateur filmmaker develops a connection with a girl with cancer in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  Greg (Thomas Mann) is a high school senior, who is barely visible to the various cliques at his school, while spending much of his free time making parodies of classic movies with his "co-worker" Earl (RJ Cyler).  Greg is informed by his parents (Nick Offerman and Connie Britton) that his classmate Rachel (Olivia Cooke) has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Despite the fact that Greg barely knows Rachel, he is encouraged by his parents to go and spend time with her.